There is a common topic that seems to confuse a lot of homeowners, whether you have owned a home for a lot of years, or if you are a new one. That topic is foundation repair. The reason for this is that the foundation issue is something that doesn’t show up until it is too late.  

Since a lot of homeowners are confused about it, it is normal that there are a lot of myths about foundation repair. Today, we are going to discuss several foundation repair myths. 

It’s easy to look for a Professional Foundation Repair Company 

Of course, we like to hope that every single company out there does their due meticulousness when doing foundation repair work. However, that isn’t always the case. When looking for a professional Abilene Foundation Repair company that can fix, diagnose, and evaluate properly the foundation issues of your house, it is crucial that you do your research. Aside from saving a lot of money, you will be ensured with a more thorough job done and a fairer price.  

To know the experience of their past customers, you should always check out the customer testimonials of a company. Looking at their rating on the BBB (Better Business Bureau) is another excellent way to know their standing in the community. Does the company provide warranties? Are they locally operated and owned? Is the company insured and bonded? The significance of every factor could vary from one individual to another. However, it could drastically describe the company’s integrity. 

Patching Cracks Can Get Rid of the Problem 

The first instinct of a homeowner may be to patch a crack whenever they see one in their brick exterior or walls. You should not do this. You are simply covering a much bigger problem that could continue to grow in severity if not addressed properly. Though there are definitely cracks that can happen that don’t specify foundation issues, only a professional company should determine that one. A regular homeowner will not be able to distinguish a normal crack with a dangerous crack. 

You Don’t Have to Maintain Your Foundation 

This is another myth that could result in costly foundation repairs in the future. If you ignore seasonal inspections and maintenance of your foundation, you are only enabling a minor problem to persist long enough to become a major issue.  

To prevent issues in the future, here are several simple tasks that you can do to your foundation: 

  • Calling a foundation professional to perform an inspection. 
  • Tending and planting to foundation-friendly foliage. 
  • Emptying or installing French Drains. 
  • Watering your foundation 

Foundation Repair Can Be a DIY Task 

If you are the type of person who loves to do DIY projects, you might be wondering if you can do a DIY foundation repair project. Well, the answer is no. It isn’t recommended to do your own foundation repair since the scope of this task greatly exceeds the tools, skills, and knowledge of a regular homeowner.  

When it comes to foundation repair, it is always recommended to contact a professional.