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10 Steps for Planting Your Trees Correctly

  1. Dig a hole that’s slightly shallower than the root ball of your tree. You would want the soil from the pot to be above the level of the soil surrounding it. The tree will basically settle in the long run and it will prevent your tree from being too deep.  
  2. Dig the hole two to three times wider compared to the root ball in order to allow the roots spread in loose brittle soil. 
  3. Once the tree is in the pot, break up its roots in order to encourage the spreading out of the roots. However, if you only drop the roots into the hole, the roots will just continue to grow just like when they were in the pot. This can be a big problem over the years because some roots may end up twisting the tree. 
  4. Then, add a soil amendment such as bone meal for proper growth and development of the roots. 
  5. Back fill the soil. Gently press in using your hands. 
  6. Water in your trees. You should not skip this method since watering your trees in at the right time of planting gradually and gently improves the results. 
  7. Mulch around your tree in order to prevent opportunistic weeds from competing with a newly planted tree. Then, mulching will keep the nutrients and moisture around the tree’s root ball. Also, mulch helps prevent mechanical damage caused by lawn mowers, since it creates a cushion area if the lawn mower does not have to pass by the tree. Do not allow the mulch to pile up very high around the tree trunk, because it can only promote root problems, decays and a lot more. 
  8. Stake if needed. Utilize wooden stakes as well as arbor tie over T-bars and wire in order to keep your tree growing up high. You should also be sure to get rid of the stake material after a year so that your tree can already get use to standing up on its own, and withstand strong winds or any extreme weather conditions. 
  9. Water your tree deeply and on a regular basis. In order to water your tree effectively and efficiently, you have to allow the water to penetrate the soil over its whole root zone. Watering it lightly and gently waters only the first top inches of the soil. Therefore, you have to water your tree thoroughly for a longer duration. With that being said, professionals and experts recommend you to place the hose on the slow stream which isn’t strong enough to erode or wash away the soil. Aside from that, allow it to sit for at least thirty minutes to one hour.
  10. Then, move the hose around the root zone of the tree several number of times. Use a watering bag alternatively that can actually be found at several various garden outlets these days. Furthermore, trees that are newly planted basically need time to establish and develop their root system. Watering the roots of your tree on a regular basis, most especially during drought season, is very important. For more tips, contact Bedford tree service provider. 

Things You Should Know About Your Foundation

When your house is completely built, you must know that it is always battling with forces, two to be exact which are lateral and vertical forces. The vertical forces will be everything you will find in your house, whether it be your walls, floors, kitchen counter, refrigerator, and everything else under your roof. Lateral forces often are seen during natural disasters, storms that bring in heavy rain and strong winds, flash floods, and even earth quakes.

These forces will do its job and damage the foundation gradually, and you do not want to wait for the time where in the durability will be worn out, threatening your home and the lives of your family. When your future home is undergoing construction, one of the components that are given a lot of emphases will be the entire foundation of your house. The foundation is the part that carries the whole load of the home, and the durability and strength will have to be built to withstand forces whether it be natural or not for an extended period.  

It is important that you invest in a lot of money initially to create the best foundation possible. Also, you must be aware of the signs that say you may need foundation repair. When the foundation of a home is damaged, it will naturally be buried even more within the ground where it stands. One common problem that you will notice is that point of contact between the floor and walls will seem to separate further apart. This will mean that the foundation is slowly sinking, and if it reaches dangerous levels, it could lead to the crumbling down of the walls, because it will have no ground to be standing up right. This is a good example of vertical forces doing damage to your home. It is important that you check your home now and then, familiarize yourself with its look, so you notice right away if there is something off about the look.  

If you see that your walls seem to be separating with a lot of cracks on it, that could also mean that your foundation is also in danger. With lateral forces a big factor in this particular symptom, it could mean that the foundation is uneven and that it is shifting sides which are causing the split of your walls like it is being torn apart. These are some of the signs of a faulty home foundation, make sure that you contact your contractors right away once you’ve noticed negative changes like these. Waiting too long for a scheduled repair will lead to further damage to your foundation, and you know what the could lead to if this continues to disintegrate.  

You can expect a long process with this kind of repair, and they may have to break down a few floors and walls to get it done which can be an inconvenience. However, this move will show that you care for your home and that you want it to be safe to live on a long-term basis. For more information, visit Beaumont foundation repair

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How Foundation Repair Makes Your House Leveled

If you have unintentionally gotten a level to your flooring and found that it’s not level in some areas, you might think that it’s time for a repair of your foundation. As a matter of fact, wildly off level houses may need correction however, even though you just had your foundation repair done, your house may still not be completely level. 

In terms of foundation, anything within seven-tenth of an inch is considered just fine. In addition to that, even if you typically just had your house leveled since there was an issue, anything outside of a level that is perfect is from construction. If your home’s foundation is poured, it may come out as not even since it had greater levels of moisture exposure or it was poured thicker in certain areas – as in the current days were more humid compared to the previous.  

With that being said, there are still other things which can actually affect the level of your house. Piers are exposed to factors that can cause shifting such as the weather conditions and also, you can have more serious issues like expansive clay soil which can definitely have an impact on the level of your home. Unless the level of your house is one inch or more off, then you basically do not have to be too worried. Having said that, you will not even notice that much of a difference and it does not cause too much of damage as well. 

However, if you observe that your house is becoming increasingly and uneven, then that is a big problem which you need to address. You may have the option to hire a professional and highly reputable home foundation repair service provider who can take your house back on a level or steady foundation. While a house that is slightly off-leveled is not so serious, a home which is altering the degree of leveling or rapidly off level is a very big problem which will need to be fixed as soon as possible. Furthermore, professional foundation repair service provider can definitely help you determine the root cause of your problem so that they can perform the correct repair actions. 

What Your Foundation Inspection Bring About 

Professionals and experts have stressed the significance of having a foundation inspection on a regular basis in order to find out the issues sooner and fix them when the prices are affordable. But most people do not realize what actually goes on during an inspection of your foundation. Once you own a house on a slab, the usual foundation inspection is always a lot of what you’d expect.  

The foundation service provider such as Austin foundation repair comes out and inspect the exterior portion of your house, evaluating cracks in the fascia board, brick, or slab. However, when you have a beam foundation, the inspection is a bit different. The professional foundation inspector will have to enter your crawlspace to evaluate the joists, beams, piers as well as check for any moisture which could be the cause of the problem. 

Common Foundation Mistakes

Your home is both a symbol of your success and your independence. However, owning a house comes with its fair share of challenges, just like anything worth having. You might not even be aware of these challenges. 

One of the elements in your house that do not always get the attention it needs is the foundation.  

Here are several common foundation mistakes that homeowners make. This will help you prevent doing the same with your foundation. These tips will help you avoid hiring a professional Arlington Foundation Repair company for expensive repairs.  

Ignoring Small Issues 

It may not even register as something you have to worry about whenever you notice that your floors are creaking or you see a crack in the wall. If it does hit you, you may simply ignore it.  

However, these minor issues can be a sign of a bigger problem. This is particularly true when it comes to your foundation.  

You should contact immediately a professional foundation company to have your home inspected as soon as you see any unusual issues with your home. It might be nothing. However, it is ideal that you know it for sure.  

Not Maintaining the Right Amount of Drainage 

Water can help a lot in maintaining your home. However, if you add too much water, it can bloat the soil. On the other hand, if you don’t add any water, it can cause the soil to contract.  

If you don’t want this to happen, you have to ensure that the drainage around your foundation is properly operating. Whenever pipes break or leaves clog the gutters, issues can arise.  

Planting Large Foliage or Trees Near to Your Home 

Almost every homeowner loves the shade and ambiance that a tree provides. However, if you plant trees and other forms of large foliage around your house, there can be unintentional consequences.  

By hogging the moisture of the soil, roots can clash with the foundation of your home. Of course, to stay level, the foundation requires moisture. The soil beneath your foundation will contract whenever it is extremely dry. This will result in less surface area that causes the foundation to crack or tilt.  

It is advised that you water regularly the area around your foundation to avoid this issue from happening. You can utilize a sprinkler system that waters the area for about 10 up to 25 minutes.  

Completing Home Renovations before Foundation Repair 

You have to make sure you take care of your foundation first if it needs repairing. This is particularly true if you’ve got an upcoming home renovation project.  

The reason for this is that professionals usually have to lift the house to do foundation repairs. This could damage potentially interior and plumbing structures. Of course, you don’t want to spend a lot of money on renovating your plumbing system only to have it damaged due to home lifting.  

Since the foundation of your house is the first step in constructing it, it should also be the first step in your renovation projects.